01 December 2010

W E E K L Y / M U S I C

“i’ll take you there” (the staple singers) – an easy listen, this song is hard not to love with a simple lyric nothing short of wonderful, backed by famed gospel group (& family) the staple singers. if you’re looking for soul, rhythm and r&b with a touch of funk, you’ve found it right here.

2. “just ain’t gonna work out” (mayer hawthorne) – mayer hawthorne channels what the days of motown began. one look at this artist and many might be quick to judge, assuming they’d be hearing an artist along the lines of john mayer, or jack johnson. but mayer is neither of those. using vocal harmonies to channel what the likes of smokey robinson & isaac hayes did back in the day, his sound is a true nod to great music.

3. “wake up everybody” (john legend & the roots ft. common & melanie fiona) – if you haven’t yet checked out this feel-good album fusing two incredible artists together (john legend, the roots) you must to hear the perfect blend of r&b, soul, and hip-hop. i chose this particular song in large part of the nice touch that common & sweet sound of melanie fiona bring. it also is what many would call a beautiful way to start the day.

column: dana salant
artwork: bri emery


ever ours said...

love wake up everybody.

and on a side note, just noticed your restaurant of the week was wurstkuche. i LOOOOVEEE that place!!!

Shara said...

I might be behind the times on this one, but have you listened to Aloe Blacc? "I need a dollar" is one of my favorite songs I've "discovered" this year.