28 December 2010


b: gins, do you collect anything? if so, tell us!

g: oh geeze, really?! i literally am laughing out loud. i'm a borderline hoarder. ummm, well, where should i begin...
1. quilts
2. broken doll parts(so creepy)
3. vintage sequined garments (whether it fits or doesn't, i always can use it in a photo shoot)
4. spools and spindles of thread esp. industrial, large factory sized ones.
5. vintage floursacks, sugar sacks, and feedsacks
6. letterbox files like this
7. vintage childrens books and toys
8. wooden shoe lasts
9. victorian and edwardian garments
10. turn-of-the-century photographs.
11. vintage scrapbooks and sketchbooks
12. german glass glitter
13. 1920s dresses and 1920s workwear
14. painted portraits of people i don't know
15. ironstone pottery and vintage enamelware
16. blue mason jars, the kinds with a hinged top
17. deadstock millinery trims
18. vintage cameras that work (pentax k1000, polaroid sx-70, yashica...)
19. hair bows and hats
20. old bottles ( i scored a huge collection after visiting here)

this week, for {day in the life} I introduce to you a southern belle who is quite possibly my other half. meet ginny branch, stylist, blogger and contributor to "what's in your toolbox", a Design*Sponge column! her favorite color is shiny, which you KNOW i love! i had the pleasure of running into ginny's arms at the lavish conference in ATL, after a long time tweet relationship. (we had very similar outfits on, you understand.) this sassy gal picked some fabulous items this week, now get ta spendin!

1. DKNY Cute Lady Silk Scarf 2. Bodum Gold French Press 3. German Glass Glitter 4. Trader Joe's Peonies 5. Found My Animal Leash 6. Urban pantry Book 7. Fountain Pens 8. Face Red Lipstick 9. Stubbs & Wootton Slippers


Carrie Rosalind said...

Great stuff!! I love the Found My Animal rope leash!!

PS: I just noticed the tagline for this blog - "where type and images totally make out." HA! Love it!

knack said...

aww...she picked such fun stuff!

I so enjoyed meeting both of you at lavish! What a fun weekend....full of sparkly goodness.......good times!

Happy Happy New Year!


Emerson Merrick said...

Love it!

Annette said...

love me some ginny~ she is as real as she is unique, i am so happy i found her! xo

{BlueEyedYonder} said...

This is so funny, I was just about to leave a comment saying, "I love me some Ginny", then I see that Annette took the words right out of my mouth. :-)

Needless to say, I love the list of the items Ginny collects. How fun it would be to raid her house! I collect lots of fun vintage goodies, but have never thought to make a list. Sounds like a new year's goal to me. :-)

racingyogagirl said...

Varsity fountain pens....love them! Almost as much as my Montblanc!

Peter Hale Cooney III said...

Soooo GBS! Love her, always a friend and fan!!!


ever ours said...

the print on the lady silk scarf is adorable! and i have all the varsity fountain pens! brings it back to when i was school in england!

leilani.e said...

Ooh, I'm such a fan of Ginny BS! Jumped over here from her blog, actually. I like where I landed. :D