17 December 2010


We are currently seeking a
Rue Magazine intern! Remember, I said that's all i wanted for christmas? I am the art director and as the magazine continues to grow, we would love you to join our team!

Are you a graphic designer with mad skills? Well I need you! This is a great opportunity for a student or new graduate looking to build a career or gain experience in the magazine industry.

Our ideal candidate would be based in LA, but doesn't have to. I need someone who is creative, extremely organized, works well with strict deadlines, efficient to the max, detail-oriented, eager to learn, and able to multitask. Also, i need someone who can commit to at least 15 hours/week.
*oh, and a sense of humor will definitely help your case :)

You must have a Mac computer + with experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.

bri's design intern
  • prepping layouts
  • resizing images
  • production work
  • running errands for the design dept
  • internet research
  • organizing files
  • any other really cool random task that might come up :)

email me at bri.ruemag@gmail.com subject: RUE DESIGN INTERN if you think this is the perfect fit for you!

*please note that this is an unpaid position. possible school credit.


sarah @ design me daily said...

I wish I lived in LA!! Or even in Cali at all so that I could try to maneuver my way into that position! So jealous of the lucky intern you end up with. If you ever need freelance work from Chicago, I will gladly oblige :)

xo sarah

strataflora.com said...

I'd LOVE to help out...it'd be a dream to work with you...and to be a part of Rue!

Emma said...

if only i could!

MollyMarler said...

Ohhhh Honey. TRUST. If I lived in LA (which may be happening very soon, actually), I would go back to school (journalism major, so...) and major in Web Design, etc just so I could land this. Work hard/Play harder with you and the rest of the Rue crew? (ok that sounded ridic but you get my point) YES PLEASE! ;) Good luck; I have some girlfriends out there that I'm forwarding this on to. :)



Danielle said...

I would apply if you don't mind someone across the country :( I'm looking for a freelance work too!