03 December 2010

A N N A K A R I N A / S A Y S

on my agenda for the weekend is first of all, dragging my boyfriend to the mall and forcing him to buy new shirts. i'm tired of lookin at the same 6 shirts (sorry darlin, but i am). then i hope to be eating some mussels at The Village Idiot on Saturday with some of my girls, and Sunday we have a Rue Issue 3 shoot and a gift exchange party at night! It sounds like a perfect weekend, and I hope all of you have the same amount of fun! happy friday!



ever ours said...

mussels at the village idiot sounds delish! have a good weekend!

LAURA!!! said...

wowo i think I am in love with your eye. well your aesthetic, not your eyeballs..although those are pretty too.
ok this comment is getting weird. all I am trying to say is I heart your blog and your work, just smitten.

Paper Ice Cream said...

cute blog!