01 December 2010


so my bestie from high school, cammy (rockin the blue tunic & peacock pants) has these glorious printed mumus. now, if you are anything like me, you throw your clothes all over the place in the mornings frantically searching for a top that's long enough to wear over leggings, or a cute loose top to throw on with your jean shorts. i just want it to be
that easy! is that so hard! behold, Show Me Your Mumu !

i stopped by the mumu headquarters last night to catch up with my friendski and touch all of these items in person! we are talkin leopard, lace, tribal, gypsy, retro, vintage...one for everyone, really! lucky me, cammy is letting me show you guys a sneak peek of their adorable Venice Beach photoshoot with their new products that will be available very soon! models are all local california friends and subscribers to the mumu lifestyle: no rules, just fun.

the photographer? also a dear dear friend to me! miss ryan hebert. this girl is funny, stylish, and wicked talented!


Anna said...

you just described my morning routine to a tee. the photography is fantastic! and her styling is beautiful. Mexican Wedding is simply adorable, no wonder its sold out.

Julie L said...

These clothes are ADORABLE and I definitely love all the options that are "long enough to wear leggings with". ;)