29 July 2009


everyone is weird. some are more obviously weird to the human eye. some people are just weird when its just [ the two of you ], and some people just let their freak flag fly. all of the above, i can appreciate.

i was thinking about what makes up people, and half of that would be their little quirks and strange things that only they do, in their own way.

i suppose its hard to study your OWN quirks, because sometimes you dont even notice you are doing them at all. but there has to be a few obvious things, that make up BRI.

and some of them, only i know. well, and now you do too.

here are

1. ever since i was a kid i would blink in between telephone poles when driving in a car, and step over cracks. not because im ocd or because I thought I would somehow get bad luck [ i dont think ] - just because.

2. its been drawn to my attention that I say the words “THAT”, “BACK,” and “LEGS” with a chicago accent, even though its only those words and I havent lived in chicago in almost 10 years.

3. I pull a piece of hair over my nose and mouth. and it looks like im constantly smelling my hair, and im not. and that’s weird.

4. the one thing I will admit that I have high anxiety and ocd tendencies about is most medical topics. veins has been an issue for me for as long as I remember. I hate wrists and forearms and gross boy veins. and veins in foreheads. next, please.

5. I flip through every magazine quickly, then I go back and read what I want. even when I want to stop, I flip through the whole thing first.

6. in order to sleep comfortably, I have to sleep with my arms underneath my pillow.

7. I have to sit on one leg to be most comfortable. or have my legs elevated. [ on a plane, I run into quite a dilemma here ]

8. being a graphic designer, I think in grids. I line up things, I organize my desktop in a grid, and I appreciate straight lines.

9. I hit snooze 4-8 times a day. getting up without a snooze is quite foreign to me.

10. I eat incredibly fast and regret it every time when I can barely breath after I literally inhale my meal. but I just get too excited.

I would love to hear one of YOUR quirks -- SPILL IT.


Rachel Follett said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I am loving yours and I see that we have several things in common. I share very similar quirks with you. :)

Wends said...

haha that's so cute!
i also must sleep with my arms under my pillow (bent) or even just my hands have to be under there!