15 February 2011


"jennie, why don't you tell our friends here where your favorite place on earth is and why."

j: "bri, that's such an easy question. duh, it's the parker in palm springs. and here are my reasons why it is my favorite place on earth...in list form. (ps. paris is a close second)
  • their delicious blueberry pancakes cost $18 and i don't care.
  • i feel rich the second i pull up to the valet
  • i saw a meteor shower the first night i stayed there.
  • they have hermes soap - i mean c'mon
  • they don't get mad if you steal their palm springs yacht club towels
  • you are offered a shot of whisky before your massage
  • the room service menu is one of the prettiest things i've ever seen
  • free bubbly water
  • four poster beds
  • trashy novels in each room
  • they've got bunnies!
  • it's a great place for a polaroid camera
  • the valet's wear pink pants
you get the picture. just go there if you haven't yet...and tell 'em jen sent you. (they'll have no idea who you're talking about)"

obviously it is time to interview jen for {day in the life}! one of my very best friends, and the funniest gal around. i had been following/obsessing over her my polaroid blog before i started working with her on ban.do projects. this chick is one of a kind. seriously, her brain explodes with spectacular ideas. sometimes she comes over and we wear tutus and drink whiskey cider while sitting in front of my computer thinking of how we can rule the world. i am going to stop bragging on her right now before she gets a big head, but if you want to buy some of those awesome things jen picked out, then get to it:

1. Pillow 2. Chemex Coffee Maker 3. Ankle Boots 4. Novel 5. Bourbon 6. Couch 7. Love Barrette 8. Polaroid Camera

AND GUESS WHAT! joy, jen and i are having a yard sale this month, head on over to
Oh Joy for all the details!!


Kate {domestikatedlife} said...

I'm reading Valley of the Dolls right now, don't know how I got this far in life without reading it -- it's so good!

Anna said...

I am sitting here in Ohio trying to think of reasons to go to Palm Springs so I can stay at that magical hotel. I have been drooling over their website for 30 minutes now.

Jamie said...

she sounds wonderful!

Patti said...

My sister has those ankle boots! I love them!

Sara said...

Great picks! I also love the Parker and went there for the first time 1 year ago almost to the day...I won't ever forget it! I did have the pancakes and totally agree they are worth the $18. So amazing!

the brunette said...

i love love love her. the first extra love came about after they posted that video of them fighting ghosts at bando and now my third love is for this post and the parker!

Design Elements said...

love her

jen said...

jen and this post are perfection! love it all.

Alabama Marmalade said...

Thanks for helping me pick out my brother's birthday gift. I got him that chemex coffee maker. They have it for even less on Amazon!

Love your blog and LOVE Ban.do!

Fashalina aka The Hyperbalist said...

I am DYIINGGGGGG to go to the Parker. Like it's my number one spot to go to when I am no longer poor. Flights to the west coast from DC ain't cheap. I <3 bunnies too. The whole aesthetic of the pool area with the striped umbrellas is just so 1970's retro motel-esque and I couldn't love it more.

joy said...

i heart you jenny from the block!