14 August 2010


Yxta Cocina Mexicana became a place in my heart a few months ago. It has a wonderful atmosphere, not too loud and crowded, but still has a cool downtown vibe on the weekends. It is a huge industrial space with lofted ceilings and brick walls, interesting light fixtures and a cool mosaic wall. The food is fresh and doesn't feel too heavy like a lot of Mexican restaurants. and they make fabulous cocktails! My favorite is the Martini de Albaca, made with hendrick’s gin, basil & cucumber! Quite delish, but watch out they are so good that you could easily drink about 8 of em on accident. I love this restaurant and it is a must you try! OH yeah, and it has a parking lot! anywhere downtown that provides free parking gets an automatic 5 points before I even sit down to eat...we double dated there last night with some friends and it was a great success...

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