31 August 2010

W E E K L Y / M U S I C

this week's three songs are inspired by the upcoming labor day weekend. they epitomize fun, relaxation, & are to be played in the graces of good company. whether you might be heading to a cabin retreat, beach weekend, or toying with the idea of doing absolutely nothing, these are sure to kickoff your own labor day mix with a smile on your face. enjoy! xo, dana

1. santigold “shove it" (ft spank rock) – a combination of reggae, funk & one of the most unique voices to grace our generation of sound, this one is best paired with a pomegranate margarita.

2. the fratellis “henrietta” – a ball full of energy, the fratellis embrace their use of rock mixed with catchy melodies to create a modern folk sound, that's caught the ears of many (you might recognize fratellis "chelsea dagger" from the recently released 'youth in revolt' film, featuring the always sauve michael cera).

3. stevie wonder “signed, sealed & delivered, i’m yours” – a classic by none other than the great stevie wonder, the intro guitar riff of this song sets up an easily remembered lyric that has been embraced by generation after generation, and will continue to do so.

column: dana salant

artwork: bri emery

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Anonymous said...

santigold and stevie wonder !!!! lovvvvvvve!!!!