24 August 2010

N E W C O L U M N / M U S I C

i can be the first to admit, sometimes i just don't put in the effort to find new music, browse through songs and take the time to research what's "so hot right now" in the music scene...why would I do that when my bestie works in the music biz and can just tell me firsthand? the girl knows what i like. sooo, I decided, why not share with all of you her music talents, since I am clearly not providing you with much more than a few jazz albums here and there....you're interested, arentttchaaa?

so i am hereby announcing a "what's she listening to" column by dana salant. she will give recommend to you three songs and why she likes them! (she's also a wonderful writer!) let's roll with it, peeps....

and here she goes...let's all welcome dana to DLF:

music is a universal language ... it is what most turn to in times of need, in celebration, and on a day to day basis. it's how we express feelings, show emotion & point blank communicate. it's something that we, and i do speak for all of us, cannot live without.

the iconic sounds of michael jackson, the lyrics & melodies shaped by the rolling stones ... comparisons are few & far between, and that has remained for a reason. all icons have shaped what the music industry is today, & with iTunes & Amazon, YouTube & beyond, accessing so many artists & bands can be overwhelming. here are 3 songs that have me hooked this week...ballads, uptempos, mainstream, indie - i believe in order to think a song is "good" you've got to find enjoyment from it within yourself. everyone enjoys "something" on their own terms, so who's to say one song is better than another? my current choices are sure to inspire someone, anyone, on one level or another. so ... ENJOY!

1. "you lost me" - christina aguilera
- despite the backlash & negative reviews xtina's latest album "bionic" received, this song captures the true christina & her unbelievable vocal range. beautifully sung, this one is sure to touch many.

2. "miss you" - rolling stones
- originally released in 1978, notice the melody of this song that is reminiscent of recent bands such as phoenix, frattelli's & miike snow. the rolling stones epitimized greatness & captured the atmosphere of the 70's altogether. freedom, happiness, and jams.

3. "america" - k'naan
- with his album (troubadour) out for quite some time now, k'naan is progressively receiving more praise in large part to his song "waving flag" snagging the coveted Official World Cup Song title this year (soccer). i had the chance to catch him live a few weeks ago & was highly impressed. this song in particular combines a funky track with lyrics universal enough to appeal to all ages. k'naan is pop, hip-hop, and world ... and undeniably recommended!

xo, dana


steinmoney said...

girl has good taste

Anonymous said...

congrats on this new column , thank you ! keep up the good work !