18 August 2010

E F F O R T L E S S L Y / C O O L

i could go on and on about this wonderful White Stripes documentary that we watched last night on Showtime...here are a few bullet points.

• jack white's enthusiasm + passion had me almost teary eyed.
• meg is so quiet and mysterious. yet so magical when she sings.
• i am beyond obsessed with the fact that a band could have such strong branding (the color red!)
• i want to get "jack white is wayyy cooler than me" tattoed on my face.
• this band is so amazing live it gives me chills.
• black and white films are the best
• jack white talks a lot, but meg likes it that way
• they are based on such simplicity. i love that.
• go watch this. that's all.

and here is a little collage i made...that's how much i loved it

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