01 April 2011

W E E K E N D / H E R E

these photos are some extras from rue issue 4's studio tour with bash, please and annie mcelwain. i just couldn't let this sparkle cactus tulle fest go unseen. happy friday folks, i am headed back to the land of unpacking!

photos by l
aure joliet


lady lyles said...

That second photo is beautiful. So excited about all of your new posts.. Eeee. Just. Like. Christmas.

Alice said...

Lovely! I just thought of that cactus green and silver/diamonds... I really like the combo.

Enjoy unpacking :-s

Hope you have a great weekend!

Just a Silhouette

MG said...

Really digging the cactus photo. So fun!

Fe Milani said...

OMG just loved your blog! Congratss!


Michelle Salz-Smith said...

It cracks me up when you call out "festers" because Fester is actually my maiden name. Some of my ornery ass friends still call me just "Fester". Can't escape it. :)
P.S. Good luck with the unpacking. Hope you got some cocktails laying around to make a party out of it.

Mercedes said...

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Sarah A. said...

lovely images!

just came across your blog :) really enjoying so far!