12 June 2009



its been gloomy and dark in los angeles for weeks.
friends in town tonight, will be fun to catch up.
this weather makes me feel dark, but also creative.
i think its time for another things that make me happy list,
because really thats what i should be focusing on. so here we g.o.

bri. happy. list.

1. good hair days. less dreads than usual.

2. enormous scarves that engulf my neck and hair and maybe body. bigger the better.

3. the rosebowl flea market - this sunday, finally

4. inside jokes. "the joke phone", impersonations.

5. finding a new favorite restaurant, and a new item on the menu to obsess about. (pho)

we are going to do 6 today, because i can.

6. netflix and cereal and comfortable apparel and arian's armpits. yep.

and here are a few photos that make me smile...


my mom is coming on thursday. holla

art walks. downtown.

the beach.


have a good weekend party people. LOVE.

1 comment:

CaraDoll said...

The Joke phone is the best ... recordings and pic of the bobbi pin in the cup are my fav