15 June 2009

i spent the weekend with arian's family in san diego. where i always eat like a king, and regret it on monday. his mom makes the most wonderful foods, and i lose all self control. it was relaxing, however the weekend felt like it was a split second.

saw a movie i loved :: away we go, which is a movie made for my taste.

and i also loved the soundtrack :: alexi murdoch

listened to some music on the road with my love, that ive grown quite fond of...

"dont shoot shoot shoot that thing at me."

somehow i think everything is a sign, mixed with the fact that im a hypocondriac...

the weather is still dark and grey.

lip, my, stockings...

i need to call my grandmother. love this picture of her.

flowers make me happy.

and here is my short DAILYdose..

monday, i loathe thee.

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Jamie said...

Giiiirl I told you about "Once" AGES ago. You mean to tell me you ain't watched it 'til now?
Those birds are freaking me out, btw. Winged rodents!