12 June 2009

i had way too much fun with this polaroid application. this is like a dream come true. if we have to kiss the real ones farewell...
.then i still need options.

boyfriend's photography. hardcore.

thanks for the visit cam a lam

me and my sissy in geneva

san fran road trip.

its my birthday.

genesee love.

zombie halloween.

he takes my photo.

art walk. so serious.

oh anna karina. beauty.

before our love surfaced.

new york. here i come.

my ride or die.

peacocks all night.

seriously with the cleavage? ew.

card i made for brie's birthday.

ok im obsessed. get ready for like a million more like this in the future.

boyfriends. blog.

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CaraDoll said...

aw da monkeys in da twees