26 September 2009


today was a beautiful day. i had lunch with my parents in from out of town at Dusty's in Silverlake. That place has amazing food I tell ya. I got the huevos rancheros (what's new). i get hooked on foods and i just cannot resist ordering the same thing everytime I go.


Then I had one of my Los Feliz alone days. I just felt like spending the day at the theater and doing some shopping without feeling rushed.

So i finally saw THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE. and i loved it. i thought it was quite funny actually. And considering magazines are like an absolute obsession of mine, it was so interesting to feel behind the scenes a bit. but I do ask myself....so i TOTALLY get the kind of personality you have to have to work as an editor of Vogue. you know, that no bullshit honest truth give it to ya straight kinda thang. However, do you think its completely necessary to be SO entirely cold + rude and put off such a negative energy. i just dont think so. but hey, she can really do whatever she wants. the movie made for a great afternoon. And the los feliz theater is so charming and only $6.00 before 6pm. I'll take that.





Then I went over to Skylight books, which is one of my favorite book stores around. I love love love just standing there admiring all of the design books in there, and dreaming about having them all in my house for "research." I bought 3 semi pricey books.


A few things I like spending money on:

1. clothes. how obvious.
2. coffee table books (my mom got me an awesome Paris couture one as a gift today)
3. travel. there really is no price for that.
4. jewelry, shiny. dull. big. small. rare. i just love it. but my taste is quite particular.
5. Apple products. I want to be buried with my mac i think.
6. food. i love food more than anything, and if my seafood paella is $22, heres my card, so be it.
7. gifts. i love presents. i love original little special gifts + their expression when they open them.
8. decorating. im completely obsessed. i dream about it.

well, there is 8...im sure there are many more.

so! then I went into Squaresville to top it all off. I found like 8 amazing treasures. a great hat, a sequin crop top, a slouchy sweater, a brown leather indian purse, great sunglasses, a tribal vest, a shiny 70's top, and a harley davidson sequin tee.

I fell in love with them all, and just couldn't part with them.



and now I feel happy. I am off to eat at Home (the restaurant) with my lova.

Until later...xx bri

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Revolution Vintage said...

GREAT post! Looks like fun!
You must come out to Malibu and visit!

UnoCosa said...

just came across your blog and how wonderful to share your day .... this is a very very lovely post! xoxo