25 September 2009

B A D / A S S

i like the whole look of this. the photo, the color, her. man, i SWEAR i only like boys. like all i do all day is look at pictures of chicks that I have girl crushes on? what is going on? how can i prove i only love men + just LOVE cool chicks in pictures with great style.

NEEEE WAYZ: and i also think my dad scarred me for life...he thinks its funny to drive real fast like a bat out of hell, tip over jet skis while riding them...you know like Eastbound & Down status. (which, omg that show is so unreal funny)

and now i dont want to ride a motorcycle, at any cost.


one of my faves:

“Why is there blue shit on your face Cleg? What, did you just blow Robocop?”

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