30 September 2009

B L O G G E R S / E V O L V I N G

so it is always fun to watch yourself evolve.

...to take a look back and see how far you have come (hopefully). bloggers, go back to your very first post. LOOK HOW DIFFERENT IT IS! (well, mine sure is.

its funny because as much as you think you aren't changing, you are changing every single day. coming into your own. and this really applies to everyone. i look back at some of my "photoshop projects" from high school, and i really cant help but laugh and to fight the urge to throw them away. but thats where it all started. those horrible photoshop projects.

Look at your first post ever. How has your blog changed??

I know mine has become a lot more cohesive, it makes more sense. I have a flow now. And I understand the politics of blogging a lot better now....oh yeah, and i had no idea i was supposed to be crediting when i first started. (oops)....i was just posting millions of random photos, no explanation or reason. designlove fest has come quite a long way....

what about YOU??
yeah, you. i wanna hear about it.


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