30 September 2009

B A T T L E / R A N C H E R O S

so i'm addicted to huevos ranchos. ya ya...

I feel like a traitor right now, so I am going to proceed with caution on this post.

BLU JAM CAFE, i love you dearly. you have provided me with years of satisfying huevos experiences, a birthday party venue unlike any other in jan 09, excellent waiters that are now my friends, and a killer coffee with a leaf design. Shout out to Kamil, you are the best.

(now, here is my secret....) i sometimes eat across the street at Vienna Cafe, and down the street on Beverly at Lulu's Cafe....both are just to die for. They all three have a cuteness factor, one of those meet your friends for mimosas in the morning kinda joints. They all have adorable little patios to sit and people watch. and they all have a pretty bombastic huevos rancheros.

it's a toss up people....have you been to any of these GEMS? if not, go.




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