13 October 2010

W E E K L Y / M U S I C

“dancing on my own” (robyn) – known for her catchy pop single “show me love,” released 20 (can you believe that – 20!) years ago, robyn has done an unbelievable job of reinventing herself to stay current, without succumbing to the dance/club music radio of today has grabbed and held on tight to. this specific track from robyn’s latest album is a great example of a pop/dance song in which also has a dark undertone to it. i can’t stop listening, nor do i want to, because robyn’s truly evolved similar to what gwen stefani has done, but all on her own terms.

2. “opposite of adults” (chiddy bang) – what you get with chiddy bang is what you’d get if you were to marry kanye west to passion pit, throwing in an affair with radiohead on the side. if you like the kid cudi/mgmt song “pursuit of happiness,” you’ll love chiddy’s bang’s recently released ep “opposite of adults,” in which showcases a cluster of songs all similar to the sound of “pursuit of happiness.” start with title track “opposite of adults,” and then thank me later.

3. “passin me by” (pharcyde) – by now you might be able to tell my weakness for hip-hop. and not just hip-hop, but the classic, the good, the real hip-hop. this particular song was recorded as a demo when i was just 5 years-old, and i never cease to get sick of it. the track exudes cool, and the lyrics paint a picture of what hip-hop back in the day represented: a simple love for music, life, and each other.

column: dana salant
artwork: bri emery


Laura said...

I love this! Thanks for the music tips, I'm so glad Robyn is making a come back..Show me love..show me life!

Anonymous said...

Whoa whoa whoa I'm not that old am I?? "Show Me Love" was '97! Though I did have to check wiki to be sure... :) great post! xx