25 October 2010

W E E K L Y / M U S I C

“crazy for you” (adele) – i believe that sometimes the best production on a track is the one that takes the least amount of effort. “crazy for you” is a great example of that – a stripped song, showcasing a simple guitar & the eccentric range that is adele’s voice. day or night, this song is one of the highlights of adele’s debut album, 19.

2. “what a wonderful world” (louis armstrong) – a timeless classic played at weddings, graduations, celebrations of all kinds. this particular song (compliments of louis’ inviting voice) embodies what life should really be about. stop sweating the small stuff, and remember that it’s who in our lives that count, not what. because after all, we truly live in a wonderful world.

3. “i’ll be seeing you” (billie holiday) – one of the biggest, if not “the” biggest female influence of jazz music, billie holiday saw musical success from the 30s all the way through to the mid-1950s. her version of “i’ll be seeing you” is both soothing and uplifting at the same time. pair with a glass of well-aged red and let yourself go.

column: dana salant
artwork: bri emery

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JAMIE said...

Thanks for the reminder! I've been forgetting my old-school faves lately...