25 October 2010

S T Y L E / S P O T L I G H T

Mary Louise Brooks demands attention with that harsh bobbed haircut & her remarkable flapper style. This 1920/30's silent film star + dancer is a true example of a style icon!

yes, you probably should be her for halloween. think about it.


Emilia Jane said...

hold up. that IS my halloween costume! i'm surprised someone else had the same idea!

Mónica Muñoz said...

She is beautiful!
I like her hair.
And I have designed a room of hotel inspired by her photos.
You can see your it here:


I hope that you like...

Best regards

Toni said...

Where do you always find those wonderful, inspirational pictures?! What a pity that Halloween isn't such a big deal over here in Germany. I would love to dress like her.