04 October 2010

R U E / W E S T C O A S T

rue is making me QUITE spontaneous these days! my boyfriend agreed to take a road trip with me to san fran (on one condition, that he could bring his bike) haha...yeah, i think i can agree to THAT! it will also be our 2 year anniversary, so I am happy we will have the weekend to explore the city together AND attend the west coast RUE MAG party that is at the kate spade store!

i designed this colorful invitation for the main event:


Crystal @ Rue said...

woot! can't wait to see you and the boy in sf! the invite is oh so pretty! p.s. happy two year!!!

Anne @ The City Sage said...


also, this.


Apt. #34 said...

loved the invite - wish I could make it, but couldn't convince the hubby for a second go round!