16 July 2010

R E S T A U R A N T / L O V E

i have blogged about Pho Cafe, a Vietnamese restaurant in Silver Lake, numerous times I am sure. I can't help it! i am a pure pho addict, sometimes I even dream about this soup. every time I go, I am filled with joy (and broth). the chicken pho #13 is my go-to order. i love mixing in the fresh herbs and all of the hot sauce choices. ya know, i am sort of a sucker for anywhere that remembers my order. arian says i have a memorable face, but im sure he is a little boyfriend biased. this is me + him there last night:


Flávio said...

Our good .. I liked it a lot.
my congratulations

I hope we can keep in touch.
kiss and even more

ps.voce is very beautiful

Steinmoney said...

What awesome pictures. Who does your photography?