29 July 2010


so, me and my boyfriend have movie issues sometimes. he likes fast, action packed, sometimes bloody, robot-y, lots of guns, spinning car chases that usually result in fire & cars jumping off cliffs. I, on the other hand enjoy...well...period films with beautiful clothes, a love story, great dialogue and some good lookin actors. So, sometimes the stars align and that awesome word "compromise" comes into play! (Arian knows how to persuade me in Blockbuster late at night...Me: "is that an action movie?" Arian: "yes, but babe, there is cool clothes and you love 1940s hairstyles!") Yes, in fact I do, so we agree on Public Enemies. Just the right amount of good lookin styling & hunky actors, while still having people get shot to satisfy Arian. How dreamy is Johnny! So persistent and confident in this movie...and Marion, always looking so chic and dazzling. oh yeah, and the story is cool too...

i fell asleep (as per usual) I think I have a disease where it is nearly impossible for me to stay awake for a movie if I start it past 10:01pm. I still need to finish it, and I can't wait.

shout out to Steinmoney...just because.

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Anonymous said...

hahahaha you fell asleep. i have the same but when im on my couch ... my boyfriend can´t believe it but its automatic ... and its the best sleep ever hahaha !