03 April 2010

B O N B O N S & G L I T T E R E G G S

cara and i glitter-a-ramaed easter eggs tonight, and let me tell you it was a blast.

i told her that i wish i had Swarovski crystal lips, a glitter unibrow and metallic disco cheeks.

today was pretty epic overall actually. had breakfast at Millie's, a few laughs there, farmers market, downtown to the art district for french fries (truffle oil please) & German beers at Wurstk├╝che with people i love. a few fun photos taken, and ended up with glitter eggs??!!? um.. best day ever, much?

oh and i am going to watch Mad Men with Arian and make bunny cookies, well probably just eat the dough. Tomorrow is a big day of flea marketing and easter festivities!

oh my god i almost forgot to tell you- i got a million buttons and a great tray for them at Mi Alma in Silverlake today! and a pretty to die for mustard yellow flower corsage.

im going to go relax and get a massage and eat bon bons and drink champagne on the beach now...ok, im not having THAT great of a day. but it sure felt like it.

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mk said...

awesome awesome day...