22 April 2010


1. receiving a new design book in the mail, even if i don't read it right away. it's nice to know it's there, and when i want to be inspired by it, i will be.

2. today i am wearing a huge green bow in my hair, and that makes me pretty happy. i do love green.

3. email chains with lots of inside jokes. inside jokes in general. can you please send me something funny right now actually?

4. have you ever been driving in the car and then all of a sudden this moment of clarity and peace comes over you and the sun shines and you are thinking to yourself how blessed you are. man, don't mean to get all deep, but i notice those moments often come to me when i am driving. or when i listen to michael jackson. one of the two.

5. i can't believe how much i love color. it can truly change your whole outlook. your day. your mood. color rules. cookies out of the oven do this too, but in a different way. and then you have to deal with the guilt and blah blah blah...colors don't make you fat, they just rule.
like these colors below! come on!

6. oh, and what girl doesn't like flowers.


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Violeta said...

then you should drive while listening to micheal jackson!

yours truly dear said...

i love those happy, peaceful moments. and i'm obsessed w/color. :]