24 January 2011

W I N N E R !

last week dlf + ban.do did a little shoe clip giveaway! and we have a winner to announce! congratulations to the fancy feet of Anne from onomatopoeia! enjoy these pretty little hearts!

and a few weeks ago ban.do had a shoot, and all of us girls crashed the party and had a blast in the photobooth. man i love my friends. see all the party fun in this album!

and today!! ban.do launched their beautiful new website. get over there right this instant I tell you! so much girly goodness all in one spot. and you might even spot some of my graphic design sprinkled throughout the site! congratulations ban.do, and like i told jen last night, prep for glory!

photos by jen gotch and max wanger


Cassie Lee said...

I love the shoot! It is so girly and sparkly!


ever ours said...

bri, the site looks flippin' amazing! love all the girly goodness.

annawithlove said...

brilliant! you all look lovely! xo

lady lyles said...

your work looks fantastic! good job!

doorknobsanddaiquiris said...

Love the photoshoot... super cute! You amaze and inspire me with all the many things you do. When do you have time for all of it?