29 January 2011


i crossed a bunchaaaa stuff off my list this week! i realized I don't really put up my work on my blog, so i thought it would be fun to show you some of the stuff i have been working on lately!

we launched rue issue 3, obviously was a big one. the feedback has been smashing which makes all our hard work so so worth it. here are just a few of my favorite parts of the issue!

i really love laying out these roundups! i had a lot of fun with 'Love Match' - where us editors chose 2 home + 2 fashion items. you can really see our different personalities shine through.

some other front of book goodies! including Will's bright column that I love and a skill swap jamboree styled by you + me lifestylists - simply gorgeous!

stylist - annette joseph's gorgeous atlanta home shot by our labor of love. both geniuses.

i was really excited to have this fashion to room feature in this issue. the styling is magnificent and i love having a bit more fashion this time around! jamie beck, you go girl.

of course, our sassy little cover girl Ali Sudol, singer of A Fine Frenzy let us peek inside her cozy place full of wonders. shot by my dear friends Angela + Ithyle who never let me down.

lace, polkadots, lingerie and cake fights shot by super cool sarah yates. oh yes please!

the light in this home in paris is pretty phenom. emily, you did a beautiful job with this one! so natural and just my style.

of course i like everything! but I thought i would show you the special parts in my heart!

and a few more things out in the world now! a website i designed for the bash, please ladies full of confetti and fun! their portfolio is outrageously jam packed with goodness, making my job quite easy.

and finally i just wrapped up a beautiful media kit for Emily over at Once Wed last night! here is just a little tiny lookski of that...

and now! we are off to palm springs to attend one the best parties of the year by far, Hitched! Magic in the desert! I hope I meet some of you for the first time and then we can have a dance off where you let me win.

Monday --> New York for Rue Launch party and some other exciting business shtuff.
next week is logo land, & some branding projects! freelance life is where it's at, folks.

sorry for the travelbug, no time to blog lameness! enjoy your weekend! b


Cassie Lee said...

You are insanely talented! Have a great and well deserved weekend!

cnicole photodesign said...

Your work is awesome ma'am!
Have fun in New Yooooooooooooooooooork!

miya said...

oh, bri. you are doing an awesome job of making the world a prettier place. rock the f on.

Mary Elizabeth Hulsey said...

I mean, "Does James Brown get down???" you're super talented--thanks for sharing.

Mandy said...

What amazing projects! Also, seriously...Rue was awesome in issue 3! By far my favorite online magazine by miles. I really enjoyed how you guys had a nice balance b/t interiors and fashion...

Thanks for the never-ending inspiration!!


Jay Harun said...

i love love your layout!!

Sobre whereORwhat said...

i really like all the pics.

have a nice week!

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

Thank you for sharing these! I was going to comment on all of my favorite parts, but I like everything! So beautifully photographed and designed!

Avery Bleu said...

Wow! Love it all! Super fab!

Love, Margaux said...

I love all your usage of Love and hearts. I'm quite fond of those words myself.

MICHELLE said...

You are very talented! I love your work.

Hannah said...

I completely fell in love with the earth meets sky round up of inspiration. I have been looking at red and turquoise but I also really love this pale blue with the rustic red. so cozy looking. definitely taking this into consideration while i continue with my bedroom

alissa said...

umm just came across your site and im kind of obsessed. love your style, your inspiration - can't wait to see more!

the sassy kathy said...

hi! quick question. i love the lamp featured on Rue pg 69 - the article on getting organized etc. do you know where it's from? and/or is there a resources/shopping page for rue that i am totally missing?