15 November 2010

B A N . D O / S U R P R I S E

so jen came over to work on the shoe clip cards with me, and "shoe clips will rock your face off" was born. probably because jen was wearing my tutu, which always makes for good ideas. how adorable/wonderful/super awesome are these shoe clips? i have already worn my hearts out on the town and had a lotta eyes on em! hurry, these things are going to be running off the shelves i am sure of it!

and look, my shoesies made a little appearance in the shoot:


Anna said...

you are 100 percent correct, they do rock my face off. the hearts are my favorite. and they just took over the #1 spot on my wish list.

ever ours said...

on the xmas wishlist it goes!

Erika Carlock said...

These are ADORABLE, love the hearts!!