01 September 2010


i'm going through a bit of a transition in my (sleep)life. i'm trying to make my room feel like a day spa, white sheets, fuzzy rugs, white walls, simple glass hanging on twine. it helps me breathe easier at night. my head is already full of logos, ideas, sparkles, work, all this and all that...i need my bedroom to feel more serene.

ps, do you like my new gunmetal wire bed? i kinda love it.

and steve brule says, go to sleep early, you dummy. when you sleep, there's no lonely timesjust dreams


Mary Margaret said...

your blog is amazing!! every post really, but i just thought I should say hi finally because I've been checking it obsessively for all your cute updates for a few weeks now!

The Anthology said...

Love it!

I just printed off that little quote and posted it on my inspiration board.

I'm such a dreamer, I really need to start being more of a planner.