29 September 2010

W E E K L Y / M U S I C

so with all the work madness going on we missed out on the top 3 music songs of the week last week...but dana pulled through for me and i was finally able to find the time to get back into the groove. so voila, here they are!

1. “symphonies” (dan black) – paired with the track to “umbrella,” dan black is one of the most innovative artists of our time. attached to the robyn/kelis “all hearts tour” this summer, dan’s vision & sound is beyond our time. he mixes electro with rhythm and everything in between, creating a sound that’s sure to catch the ears of many. check out his full album “un.”

2. “ittle secrets” (passion pit) – nothing short of energy, the “higher” hook on this track is pure magic – seemingly fitted for clubs, radio, even that lazy day on the beach soaking up the sun. on repeat, all day everyday.

3. “dog days are over” (florence + the machine) – this is one in which you can feel the passion in lead vocalist Florence welch’s voice. a voice that reminds me slightly of that of adele’s, “dog days are over” from florence + the machine’s debut album “lungs” feels like summer + and screams happiness…a gorgeous intro gradually leading up to the infectious hook that’s taken the liking of this summer’s “eat pray love” film trailer. this single is not to miss!

column: dana salant
artwork: bri emery

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