12 September 2010


this early morning joy & i went to the rosebowl flea market in pasadena...it was a lovely stroll. i got a brightly colored seat for my vanity. i love how it has storage too! it is a nice color addition in my clean slate of a room. i am sadly STILL on the hunt for a vintage botanical poster(s) for over my bed. i want something very delicate and muted green leaves. sort of like these amazing ones by herman de vries. this one too. anyone have any ideas? i found this beautiful fruit one below, but unfortunately it was real pricey :( i had to walk away, which pained me.

i got a few other little things, a large print for my kitchen, a tribal clutch, some old books, and a bunch of vintage song sheets with pretty ladies on them. it was a fun day...now its time to get back to the grind.


Kimhai said...

I love the stool! So colorful :D


that stool is awesome. enjoy!

ethanollie said...

a suggestion about the print. i'm not sure how pricey is too pricey, but small antique prints can be had for not so much, and you can bring it to a print shop and have it blown up on nice stock.

Toni said...

Very nice stool. My grandma has a similar one ... I really need to talk to her ;-)
The photos of the flea market look lovely. Over here in Berlin there are also quite a few of them but they don't have those little treasures anymore because of the big vintage craze at the moment.