08 September 2010

H E / S H R E D S

fun fact about my boyfriend. he plays guitar in a hardcore band called Bough Breaks. along with ithyle, wes, rick & derrick...see how cute they are in a photobooth? oh wait, hardcore isn't cute, right? see how unbelievably manly they look...do i like the music? well, no, not really. but he says i don't have to like it, because it sounds a little scary for my liking. but i DO like that he is good at an instrument & is really passionate about it. & i sure do like the boys in his band too. if i was into hardcore music, i'd be all over that.

photo by krisatomic, photo by angela kohler


dana said...

love the pics! boink.

Lauren said...

Um, yeah. My (not so bearded) boy shreds that bass too...not so into the music, but can't deny that it's hot, can we? <3