28 January 2010

P E N N I E S / P I L I N G

somehow i have spent only 4 dollars in 4 days.
(eeeerrrrrrr...ya, that was supposed to be the sound of loud brakes.)

unreal right? i have gone from the queen of dining out & unnecessary shopping to the girl

in her pj's for most of the day with stacking cereal bowls around me.
oh, and soup, a crazy amount of soup.
That 4 dollars was spent on a bright red metal folding chair for my vanity.
BRI has been put on a budget. i dont even really need to be on this extreme of a budget.
but its kinda fun to save money after all. and if i can get my bf to make me pasta and rice
for a few days, who knows, i might just be a millionaire soon!


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