29 January 2010


meeting with the ban.do chicks is like an inspirational glitter/joke party, every time.
their office is filled with feathers and sequins and bedezzlements and lots and lots
of headbands. i will be designing their blog soon, so we went to have a "meeting"
and by meeting, i mean scribbling down some shit and just letting the inspiration come naturally.
oh, and then we went to Norms, for a good ole' American breakfast.
that's right, pancakes, eggs, loaded hash brows, biscuits and gravy...breakfast of champions.
i of course ate every single bite, because i live for breakfast food.
it was an entertaining dinner, kel & jen are gems.

any place that has one of these, well then count me in:

this one is titled : "eating"

sweet & sassy, whaddaya know!

respectable angles and a kick ass outfit. this one is called: "youth"

this one is like super artistic, you may not understand it.

the picture wanted her to be dark.

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jen said...

if i could. i would do it all over again. yum!

mk said...

breakfast for every meal

mk said...

...and you're a gem