30 May 2011


i really love cooking. i'm just not at the point where i can go around claiming that i am some sort of spectacular cook. i mostly love watching people cook and trying to learn as much as i can. jen picked some vegetables from her garden and made us this beautiful little snack. so simple and delicious! white bean hummus, tomato salad and cucumbers.

and those are squash blossoms on the bottom, filled with ricotta cheese. i had never had them before, and fell in love. funny looking dudes, right?

remember jen's blog, becoming a foodie? cool drink recipes, awesome polaroids etc? here, just go look and try to get her to start it again with me...

photos by jen gotch


Fabiana said...

Yummy. I love squash blossoms. Last year, when we were in Savannah, we had some filled with shrimp and ricotta...sooo good! Both plates look really delicious.


MG said...

Squash blossoms are the bomb. That snack looks quite tasty. I love healthy/tasty snacks!

Aliza said...

I've never heard of eating squash blossoms. they look delicious!

SavedthruLove said...

never heard of or seen a squash blossom. Lol But they look quite interesting. Love the layout. So chic and classy :)



adria said...

That's a pretty tasty and nutritious looking snack! Much better choice than my double chocolate slice from Susina's Bakery but it's just been one of those days. Happy Memorial Weekend!

Grace said...

This looks SO delish!!