26 March 2010

jeans don't fit me. seriously. either they are too long but too tight, too loose. and i thought i had a proportional body! but i'm tired of trying to find long shirts that cover the vagtastic. because somehow my closet (or my friends) eat them and in the morning when i am frantically trying to find something that doesn't make me look like i am trying to pull off leggings as pants, those shirts are hiding in my room, laughing hysterically at me.

so, my mission. shop for more dresses. lots of them, like a stupid amount. so every morning, i just slide one of those pretty thangs over my head and walk out the door with ease. (now who's laughin, long shirts?)

here is one from Lolly's Laundry that would be a good addition to my stupid amount of new purchases:

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