24 February 2010


so i am watching the Olympics/ women's figure skating last night...and a funny moment came into my head. when i was watching Oxana Baiul in 1994, I instantly dreamed of being a figure skater in the Olympics. I convinced my mom to sign me up for lessons, and i also wanted a "birthday party on ice". Being the bad ass that I was, I decided I was going to do a triple axle (because I had watched it so many times on tv, of course I could do it). Well, I couldn't. And I broke my wrist. Awesome. That dream died pretty quickly after that.

Although I have known for quittteeee a while, that graphic design was going to be my profession of choice, it sure didn't come easy.

I attempted at just a couple of things first: gymnastics (because I wanted to be Dominique Moceanu), tennis (because I liked the outfits), drums, flute (which i was awful at, never practiced and faked played through the concerts), piano, dance, cheer leading, i tried out for soccer (didn't make it, but the coach liked me and made me the "manager", ya, no thanks), tried out for volleyball but the second day i didn't like how red the balls made my arms, i even was on the flag line for a little while, i may or may not have taken a few pottery classes, i went through a photography phase, a cooking phase, and last but certainly not least - a magician.

then i joined art club & AP art, and was like, ohhh, i'll just do this then.

and here i am. but i need a job. one that makes me real happy.

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