30 November 2009

I T ' S B E G I N N I N G . . .

well, its about that time. people eat undisclosed amounts of mashed potatoes (me) on thanksgiving. and then its Christmas shopping mode. and for me, i always want to have the most super fantastical gift with crazy amounts of meaning and thought. to let someone know, hey, i really listen to you when you talk about your wants and needs.

but sometimes. i have no super fantastical ideas. in fact, i have none. but this happens every year. and i always want to do something handmade and uber special, a gift that someone will never want to part with. but that takes timeeee. and i feel like there is never any timeeee. im sure you all know the feeling. ah, at times i wish i was a banker and not a graphic designer, way less pressure to have super fantastical, creative ideas.


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mk said...

love me a bookshelf organized by color