23 October 2009

D A T I N G / A R G G

even if you have a boyfriend, you always want to keep things fun & different. i mean as much as going to Pho & watching hulu in bed is my thing....im always down to try something new. i need to be visually stimulated. and ill tell you what, if i was just "dating around" (which lord knows can be just awful, not my cup of tea, too many rules, so much pressure and thought, and worrying and i have dated my fair share of low lifes) i would want him to take me on an interesting date, not just to the Grove. i mean, the fountain is magical there and all people, but ive seen it a million times....something i love to do is to lay in the grass and make jokes. too bad im allergic to a lot of grass. i also like making up weird games to play with each other....the weirder the better i say.

This article gives you 50 ideas that aren't DINNER & A MOVIE....read HERE

(below) Amazing Artwork by: Brandon McLean


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