21 May 2009

i have been so happy in my new house, i keep waking up early to make sure everything is clean, because it feels so great to come home to it clean. im sure my mom has been waiting my whole life for me to say that. i decided to start watching the FARRAH FAWCETT documentary about her struggle with cancer. I only watched like 30 mins so far and i was cryinggggg like a little girl. it was very touching. i cant even imagine getting that kind of horrible news, and how i would react. but i also have this strange fear of dying, and needles, and diseases, and doctors, and murder. (cool, right?) these fears have only gotten worse with age too. i hope i can overcome those fears, because they are pretty overwhelming and uhh...annoying.

on a lighter note....i had a great time with my friends last night at Cliff's Edge, I just love the ambiance there. And i love my wonderful boyfriend. he is just so sweet to me, and he makes me smile. The best part about him, is that I feel like he loves me for ME, try not to think of the LFO song. He likes me in converse and hair knotted to my head and no makeup. And thats a nice feeling....

I am going to a Ben Harper mini concert tonight with a friend and I am quite thrilled, I just love his music.

i want to go wine tasting in santa barbara this weekend. thinking about going on a mini vacay with andrea and wes and arian....gotta get on that plan.

So me and cara are in like crazy decorating mode in our brains lately. Where we feel it is absolutely necessary to add to our rooms, or life wont go on.

SO- WORK....

I have a few new packages coming out in APPLE and BEST BUY quite soon. Excited to see some more of the shelf...my first one was quite exciting to see up there....

It's 10 AM and im already starving.i should eat breakfast. i lost 10 pounds from cutting out (most) pasta and bread and switching to brown rice and wheats and trying to eat more veggies, and less tempura and buttered french fries. Man, I used to eat TERRIBLE. But I must admit, last night I had a whole bowl of spaghetti with olive oil and lots of cheeeese, and it was more than fab. Seriously, I dream about fattening foods, fried rice and garlic bread and hamburgers and pasta carbonara and god, i need to stop, im going to tear up. But I will say that it feels good to not eat so horribly....Arian thinks he is going to get me to start bike riding with him, which would be fun for us....so who knows, I may look like Giselle here in a few weeks. Right.


OK a few short things....I want to visit my friends in NYC, and in ATL. miss them greatly. Brendan, you need to live here for the summer, dude just do it. Enough talking, start doing. Micah, you should prob come too and then Kyle could visit and we could party like its 2006. love you all....

"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties." erich fromm


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