09 August 2010

B O Y F R I E N D / T H E B U I L D E R

alright Arian, here is your chance to shine! my boyfriend's favorite phrase, "i could build that in like 5 seconds"...it's time to actually put that phrase to good use for once! I need a new bed, and I got my eye on this one I found on DesignSponge, built out of scaffolding tubes! Ready? GO! (queen size please) love ya!


yours truly dear said...

ooh that bed is divine! you'll have to update if he's up to the challenge ;] hehe

Charlotta Ward said...

Oh yes!.. and send the second attempt to Sydney please!! :)
Gorgeous and just the right balance of girly vs industrial. Love it when pink meets raw metal like so.

xx Charlotta