13 August 2010

2 P I C T U R E S

Miss Moss in British Vogue + some impressive hand painted signage skills...

it seems as though sign painting is a lost art, and i love seeing it around town! back to basics never hurt anyone. especially because I came into graphic design so much later in the game, where everyone in their mom thinks they are a graphic artist because they know a little Photoshop.

I think back to my days in college...i had ONE professor, Mr. Andy Weeds, that was so old school. i really couldn't stand him at the time (even though I kinda thought he was cool), he was so strict, so anal, he screamed, he made us do hours of precision work with a ruling pens and 5mm squares, and mounting until my fingers were sore! I sat there staring at the space between letters for a whole 3 hour class period. I could not stand this dude! i always thought, "this guy needs to get with it, this stuff isn't even important anymore!"

OHHHHHH how i was wrong. Mr. Weeds turned out to be my savior, my mentor, & oh man, I looked up to him! Without him, I wouldn't have the precision that I have, the fear of (dun dun dun) doing stuff by HAND, the anal perfectionist inside of me, and the knowledge that I have now....so thank you Mr. Weeds for bein so old school and workin me to the bone! fist pound (this one's for Bauhaus)

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