06 May 2010

S E C O N D / H O M E

kelly and i like awkward things. especially awkward stances.

i took my mom to ban.do yesterday to pick her out a mother's day prezzie and hang with ma girls, kel and jen. my mom had quite a ball with all of the glitz and glamour they have to offer.

OH! i also picked up my brand-new-custom-made-with-love ban.do for my own hair. this grouch face doesn't mean i don't like it (bc i obv do!), it just means i hate waking up in the mornings with a passion.

HEY! are you followin DLF on Twitter? uhhh, why not?


The Anthology said...

You know what I love? Your butterfly top! I want! I want! I want!


mk said...

loveit, loveyou, loveyourmama