07 April 2010

G O T T A H O L D O N M E . . .

Anthropologie and I have an interesting relationship. For me, it's a little hit or miss on the clothes section. But when it is a hit...I want to scream at the top of my lungs " IT IS A HIT!" For example, this green sweater that literally stole my heart away from me. I snatched it off the rack at lightning speed.

But the house section of Anthro, man oh man. I want to go into credit card debt every time I walk in that section. The glassware had my eyes watering, it is so pretty. Whoever their set stylist is, I want to marry. Man or Woman, I don't care, put a ring on that person's finger.

So today, I am prancing around in this new green sweater feeling like i just won the lottery. When I tried it on for Arian last night he exclaimed, "Wow! You look awesome!" Which was really sweet actually. I'll take awesome...

and this is just in my kitchen. and i like that font.

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mk said...

did you see those chairs in person?? i need them. text me yes/no